International Workshop on
Photonic and Electromagnetic Crystal Structures

March 8-10, 2000
Sendai Daini Washington Hotel
Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Last updated on: March 16, 2000

Yagi-Uda Antenna (Tohoku Univ., 1925) 
An early electromagnetic crystal   

PECS was closed with great success.
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Additional technical digests are available. Please contact the secretariat.

PECS III, the next follow-up meeting, is scheduled in Scotland, June, 2001.

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PECS (International Workshop on Photonic and Electromagnetic Crystal Structures) will be held at Sendai, Japan, in March 2000. It is an international workshop that follows up the line of WECS (Workshop on Electromagnetic Crystal Structures) at Laguna Beach, USA, in January 1999. The recent progress and increasing interests on photonic and electromagnetic crystals are far exceeding the expectation of anyone. The expanding research area covers physics, optoelectronics, chemistry, biology, etc. The aim of this workshop is to provide a timely forum for presenting the latest novel and innovative works on new physics, technologies and device applications.


The technical program will consist of single regular session with oral and poster presentations. The oral presentations include a plenary talk and invited talks on the recent topical and significant progress. The official language will be English, which will be used for all printed materials, presentations and discussions. Original contributed papers reporting new research and development results are solicited.

The workshop covers any topics concerning photonic/electromagnetic crystals and related structures, namely, periodic structures that control waves. The scope is as follows:

Advance Program

Wednesday, March 8

Thursday, March 9

Friday, March 10

9:00  Opening Remarks
9:15 Session W1

Plenary talk

8:30 Session T1

3-D crystal fabrication

8:30 Session F1

Dispersion and Propagation

10:45 Session W2

Light emissions

11:35 Session T2

Microwaves and sonic waves

11:00 Session F2

Theory and Simulation

12:30  Lunch

12:55  Lunch

12:40  Lunch
13:50 Session W3

Physics and New concept

14:25 Session T3

2-D structures and waveguides I

14:00 Session F3

2-D structures and waveguides II

16:25 Session W4

Poster session I

16:10 Session T4

Poster session II

16:00  Closing Remarks

18:25  Reception

18:10  Banquet

Instruction for Speakers

[ Oral session ]

[ Poster session ]


Please complete the pre-registration by filling in and returning the Registration Form to the following address by FAX before March 6, 2000. Pre-registration is necessary to secure your seat as the capacity of the conference site is limited.

Registration fee includes a copy of the technical digest, coffee breaks, welcome reception, and Banquet. The fees are: 25,000Yen for regular participant and 11,000Yen for student.

The registration desk will be open at the following times:

To avoid crowdedness during the sessions, it is highly recommended that you complete your registration on Tuesday. We can accept cash (Yens only) and credit cards(VISA or Mastercard) for on-site payment.

Extra banquet tickets for accompanying person(s) are also available. Please check the registration form, or return the supplemental form if you have already done your pre-registration.

Registration Form

Supplemental Form

Technical Digest

All the abstracts of the papers scheduled for presentation will be published in a technical digest. A copy will be made available to each participant at the registration desk. Additional copies of the digest are available while stocks last -- please contact the secretariat (e-mail:


A limited block of the on-site hotel is available at a special rate. To make a reservation, please complete and return the enclosed Accommodation Form. The reservation is acceptable only via Fax.

Sendai Daini Washington Hotel
Omachi 2-2-10, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-0804 Japan
Fax: +81-22-222-2797
Phone: +81-22-222-2111

PECS is sponsored by:

 Research Institute of Electrical Communication(RIEC),  Tohoku University
 (RIEC Cooperative Research Project / International Symposium)

Financially supported by:

In cooperation with:



General Information

PECS venue --- City of Sendai

The workshop will be held at the conference room in Sendai Daini Washington Hotel, which locates at the center of Sendai City. Sendai is the biggest city of Tohoku area in Japan. It locates nearly 300 km north to Tokyo. The mean temperature of Sendai in March is 4.2C (39F), which will be almost the same in New York, London and Paris, but ~3C (5F) colder than in Los Angels.

Access to the Conference Site

 Sendai Daini Washington hotel is located in the west side of the downtown of Sendai. It is faced on “Aoba-dori” avenue, which is one of the most major streets in the middle of the city. The distance from the station to the hotel is about 1,500m.

Site map


Sendai city guide Tohoku Univ. web site  / Sendai convention bureau web site

[ Lunch map ] (under construction)


An excursion to Matsushima (Matsu=pine, shima=island) is scheduled on Saturday, 11 March. It is one of the three most famous scenic places in Japan and consists of hundreds of small islands with pine trees. The tour includes bus transportation from/to Sendai, bay cruising on a ship, a visit to a famous old Buddhism temple “Zuigan-ji”, and lunch. The participation fee is 5,000Yen per person. The approximate time of return to Sendai station is 15:00. Application should be directed to the secretariat by FAX with either the registration form or the supplemental form if you have already completed your pre-registration. Any participant of the workshop can join the excursion.

Optional ski tour

An unofficial ski tour to Mt. Zao is planned on Saturday 11, March. Those who are interested in this tour should contact Prof. Segawa of RIKEN individually (e-mail: ).


If you have any questions, please contact:


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PECS III, the next follow-up meeting of WECS and PECS, is scheduled in 9-14 June, 2001, at St. Andrews in Scotland.

Please wait for the announcement from the organising committee. We would very much appreciate your attention and contribution to this series of workshops.

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